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Inspiration via social media

I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to twitter.  However after some resistance I was persuaded of its value.  That value I am finding, is the ease with which you can link into people and organisations in the rehab community (and beyond) to inspire.  Website, blogs, information I would never have previously discovered are at my fingertips instantly. Below are links to some of those inspiring site I have discovered via twitter.   Enjoy!  

New Opportunity

After several months of talking Karen in now an associate of Adams Neuro Physiotherapy.  A great team to be involved with, lots of wonderful experience and knowledge to tap into.  And of course looking forward to working with some new clients.  To learn more about the Adams Neuro Physiotherapy team and approach have a look at their website.  Picture credit:                

Tai Chi

Last weekend I attend a day course exploring the use of Tai Chi exercises in rehabilitation. It has been well documented that modified Tai Chi is helpful for balance and arthritis, being a gentle, safe and modifiable form of exercise.  The course involved learning and practising Tai Chi movements and exploring the potential use in clinical scenarios.  I found that already I have been able to explore some of the principles into my Physio practise. Many of the cornerstones to re-educating movement are also the key movement principles in Tai Chi – focus, posture and alignment, breathing, weight shift and movement starting from the trunk.

Life after Stroke Campaign

The Stroke Association has in the last week released a report called Struggling to recover.  It is a briefing report for their Life after Stroke campaign. It make saddening and uncomfortable reading for health care professionals.  Whilst the individual stories are filled with success and indeed, Life after Stroke, much of it is after fighting many barriers created by systems.  In my clinical experience I can think of people I have worked with, who despite early conclusions have gone on to gain movement and function thought to be impossible.  Talking to clients about their potential to continue improving is always hard. And time and time again clients out strip my expectations and it is fantastic.  To find out more about … Continue reading.

Facial Rehab Course

Last week I had the pleasure to attend a course at the highly respected Linden Clinic in Sale, Manchester.  It deepened my understanding of facial rehab, especially the use of trophic electrical stimulation – along with a whole host of useful tips and advice from the highly skill team there.  It was a great course.  Shame that the Cochrane review published in February regarding physical modalities and facial rehab is less than positive about TES. Is it because all electrical stimulation is lumped together? Or is it a case of how do we measure the true effectiveness of a physio intervention when it is never as homogenous as a pill?  Physio rarely does one thing in isolation, with such a big part … Continue reading.

YouTube video goes live

Encouraged by Steven Hodgson of Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic I made my YouTube debut talking about Vestibular Rehab. This is one in a series of videos made by the fabulous physios at the clinic talking about a range of conditions and topics.

Check the clip out and browse through the other videos… you never know what you might learn!