Life after Stroke Campaign

The Stroke Association has in the last week released a report called Struggling to recover.  It is a briefing report for their Life after Stroke campaign. It make saddening and uncomfortable reading for health care professionals.  Whilst the individual stories are filled with success and indeed, Life after Stroke, much of it is after fighting many barriers created by systems.  In my clinical experience I can think of people I have worked with, who despite early conclusions have gone on to gain movement and function thought to be impossible.  Talking to clients about their potential to continue improving is always hard. And time and time again clients out strip my expectations and it is fantastic.  To find out more about The Stroke Association’s campaign Life after Stroke and read the report see the link below.

About Karen Stevens

Karen Stevens is a physiotherapist and founder of On Balance Physio. She qualified as a physiotherapist in 2001 at the University of Brighton. Since then she has practised in London, New Zealand and Sheffield.

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