Balance talk at Hearing Link’s course in Sheffield

I was invited by Hearing Link to talk about balance to a group of individuals and their support people with acquired hearing loss. Hearing Link is a UK organisation for people with hearing loss. For five days, a group of 10 people participated in an intensive program in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The course explored living with acquired hearing loss.

My brief was to talk to the group about balance. Imbalance is often a concurrent symptom experienced with many of the disorders that result in acquired hearing loss. Part of the talk explored what individuals can do for themselves: from eye tests to balance exercises, and of course where to find your local vestibular trained Physio.

I love talking… no seriously I love talking to these kind of groups. And you learn so much more than any textbook teaches, especially over tea and biscuits.

About Karen Stevens

Karen Stevens is a physiotherapist and founder of On Balance Physio. She qualified as a physiotherapist in 2001 at the University of Brighton. Since then she has practised in London, New Zealand and Sheffield.

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